Members of the Guardian Guild:

All parents and legal guardians of children currently enrolled in Livingston Classical Academy, as well as all teachers and the principal of Livingston Classical Academy are automatically members of the Guardian Guild.

Mission of the Guardian Guild:

The Guardian Guild is organized to support the mission and activities of Livingston Classical Academy and the Barney Charter School’s Initiative through volunteer activites, enrichment programs, fundraising, and other activities.

The mission of the Guardian Guild is to supplement the classical educational experience of all students attending Livingston Classical Academy by:

  1. Enhancing the educational and extracurricular environment at LCA through volunteer and financial resources
  2. Providing a framework for coordinating fundraising and volunteer efforts to purchase instructional items and fund events, activities, and school enhancements to enrich the learning experience that would not otherwise be provided by the school budget
  3. Promoting interaction, communication, and understanding between school administration, staff, LCA parents, LCA students and their families
  4. Fostering pride in LCA throughout the community
  5. Cooperating with the school administration to support the improvement of education

More Information about the Guardian Guild:

  1. Visit the Guardian Guild Website
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Guardian Guild Leadership
  4. Guardian Guild Meetings
  5. Fundraising Information
  6. LCA Parent Group on Facebook