Parents and Guardians are children’s first and most effective teachers and are encouraged to become active partners with their children’s teachers!

Livingston Classical Academy relies on parents for active involvement in their child’s education, growth and development. It is the hope of Livingston Classical Academy that all families will devote time to volunteer.

All volunteers must receive an I-CHAT background check in order to work with in the classroom. Livingston Classical Academy reserves the right to “approve” or "deny" any volunteer service upon review of the background check returned. The determination will be based upon the individual's background check information and their fitness to have the responsibility for the safety and well-being of children. Providing false information, or information contradicting to the background check information, is grounds for immediate volunteer service denial.

If you are approved to be a volunteer for the current school year, you will receive and email from LCA stating that you are clear to volunteer and you should retain this email for your records. Please note that volunteer clearance is only good for the school year you apply during, no matter when you fill out the form. A new form will need to be completed each school year.

Volunteering at Livingston Classical Academy

  • All volunteers may be asked to attend an orientation meeting before working in a classroom with children.
  • All volunteers must be clearly identified with a badge or lanyard.
  • Volunteers are expected to dress appropriately in business casual attire. Please refrain from short shorts, short skirts, uncovered leggings, and political statements while working as a volunteer..
  • All volunteers will be under the supervision of the classroom teacher and are expected to follow the instructions given by the teacher at all times.
  • Volunteers shall be responsible for maintaining confidentiality regarding information seen or heard while working as a volunteer.
  • Volunteers are not permitted to share photos or other personal information about students online.
  • Volunteer activities include responsibilities such as being tutors, mentors, classroom assistants, and guest speakers.
  • Volunteers must focus on student safety and are discouraged from activities such as being on cell phones during this time.
  • Volunteers may not bring younger siblings to school or on a field trip while volunteering, without permission of the principal.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please notify the office or fill out our form above. Thank you for your continued support of our children and school community!