• ashley bonam spotlight

    Teacher Spotlight: Ashley Bonam

    Since she can remember Ms. Ashley Bonam always dreamed of being a teacher. She distinctly remembers third grade and having an inspirational teacher who believed in her and believed she would succeed.  She is a […]

  • Debate Class

    Debate Class: Sparking Interest and Excitement for our Students

    Mrs. Perrine’s Philosophy class enjoyed debating Aquinas’ Five Proofs on the Existence of God.  Some students took the affirmative side in support of St. Thomas Aquinas and others opposed his views, that God can be proved. This […]

  • Chelsea Michalak spotlight

    Teacher Spotlight: Chelsea Michalak

    Ms. Chelsea Michalak is our physical education teacher who worked in sports management and the mortgage industry before becoming a teacher. She loves that she has the ability to promote wellness and embed the importance […]

  • Teacher Spotlight Ms. Biggs

    Teacher Spotlight: Sara Biggs

    Sara Biggs is our third-grade teacher at Livingston Classical Academy. Her own personal values of cultivating character and instilling the love of learning align with LCA’s mission. She loves that she gets a front-row seat […]

  • Happy Principal Appreciation Month

    Happy Principal Appreciation Month

    Today we celebrate Mrs. Lisa Gillon, principal at Livingston Classical Academy. This will be her 27th year in education where she has served in both public and private school positions. Her experiences have consisted of […]

  • Ms. Lillemoen

    Teacher Spotlight: Tracy Lillemoen

    Tracy Lillemoen is our sixth-grade teacher at Livingston Classical Academy. Her passion for her students is contagious and she enjoys every minute of making an impact. She was inspired by one of her elementary teachers […]

  • Teacher Spotlight: Bonnie Blum

    Teacher Spotlight: Bonnie Blum

    Bonnie Blum is our second-grade teacher at Livingston Classical Academy. She brings a wealth of experience and a new excitement for learning to our second graders. She obtained her teaching degree from Concordia College. Ms. […]

  • Ms. Gutherie

    Teacher Spotlight: Jessica Guthrie

    Jessica Guthrie is our seventh and eighth-grade literature teacher. “Teaching is something I am passionate about, and while I was in the formative years of my college education, I took it upon myself to experience […]

  • Meet Our Area Superintendent

    Meet Our Area Superintendent: Kurt Naber

    Meet our new area superintendent, Kurt Naber. He has come to Livingston Classical Academy with an enthusiasm for the classical education model.  Kurt has lived a life of serving children in charter schools. He started […]

  • Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Hunt

    Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Hunt

    Say hello to Mrs. Sarah Hunt, our music teacher. Mrs. Hunt believes a classical music classroom is where music becomes the applied study of all subject areas. Students will feel, move, listen, sing and play in […]