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Meet Our New Teachers!


Hi, I’m Niki Werden, and I’m the new special education teacher at Livingston Classical Academy! I’m joining the LCA family from Bradford Academy, which is another Choice School located in Southfield. I’m looking forward to getting to know the students and learning about their unique abilities and personalities! 

I earned my bachelor’s degree in special education from Georgia Regents University (GRU)  in Augusta, GA. Shortly after that, I earned my Master’s in Special Education – Behavior Problems from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. I also have various certifications in special education with a focus on math, science, reading, ELA and social studies. I have been working in schools assisting students with special needs since 2011. I was involved in the GRU Student Council for Exceptional Children for three years and have even presented at the various conferences about children’s education.

A fun fact about me is that I have lived in all four corners of the United States (California, Washington state, Florida, and Maine)! I was born in California but left in 1999 when I married a Marine and we have since lived in 16 cities in seven states together. We have two children, Kaitlin who is 19 and studying secondary education at Eastern Michigan University, and Micah who is 16 and a Junior at West Bloomfield High School. 



Hi, I’m Emily Kinser and I’m the new first-grade teacher at Livingston Classical Academy! I can’t wait to meet my students this fall. I love to read in my free time and even have a black cat named Salem. I’ve spent a lot of time in various elementary schools through student teaching and substitute teaching. In my time in these roles, I was able to work with both elementary and middle school students both individually and in small groups. 

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language Arts with an Elementary Certification from Albion University. I was on the Dean’s List from 2016-2020! I can’t wait to have my own classroom and build relationships with my students and their families.

A fun fact about me is that I competed on the Albion College women’s track and field team!



Salvete, Omnes! Hello, all! My name is Amanda Severs and I am excited to be joining the school community at Livingston Classical Academy as the new part-time Middle School Latin Instructor. It is the family-oriented learning environment that really drew me to LCA—where each student can feel certain they are valued and respected and will be taught with the unique attention that a smaller, charter school classroom allows. 

I have enjoyed learning languages as well as studying history and literature all my life so I decided to pursue a degree studying Latin and Ancient Greek at the University of Michigan. Being a Latin teacher is a dream come true for me; as a child, becoming a teacher was right up there with being a philosopher queen/superhero/polymath (I’m still working on those other titles)! I enjoy everything from baking, gardening and writing to rock climbing, kickboxing and mountain biking! I can frequently be spotted walking my dog, Orion, with my fiancé all throughout Whitmore Lake. 

I earned my bachelor’s degree in classical language and literature with an emphasis in Greek from the University of Michigan. Over the past few years, I’ve served as a Latin tutor, a graduate assistant as well as other various roles. I can’t wait to work with my students at LCA.

It is this enthusiasm for learning and life that I will bring to my teaching at LCA, driven by one of my favorite Latin quotes, by the poet Horace: “Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet; sapere aude, incipe.” He who has begun is half done; dare to know; begin!



Hi, I’m Allison Park! You might recognize me as a familiar face to Livingston Classical Academy. I served as a substitute teacher last year and have officially accepted the 7th-9th grade English teacher position this year! I really enjoy helping the developing writers and am especially looking forward to composition class this year.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and philosophy from Judson University and earned my master’s degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages from Eastern Michigan University. Over the course of my career, I have taught and tutored at various places. I’ve presented at conferences, facilitated workshops, contributed to a publication and earned a few awards. 

A fun fact about me is that I lived in South Korea from 2017-2019 where I taught English at the Affiliated High School of Korea National University of Education. I really enjoy sightseeing and traveling around by train. I look forward to connecting with students again this fall!



Hi, I’m Paige Ritter and I’m Livingston Classical Academy’s newest addition to the Upper School Math and Science teaching staff. As a “retired” engineer, I am intimately aware that engineering is the advanced application of science and mathematics being taught in our schools. The thing I am looking forward to most is showing kids how the subjects they learn in school are relevant in the world outside of academia. I thoroughly enjoy working with kids and am excitedly looking forward to this opportunity to be a part of their lives.

A fun fact about me is that  I was an adolescent and living in the state of Washington when Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18th, 1980. I had been camping with my Campfire Girls troop in SE Washington and watched the ash cloud advance while driving home as it overtook us and turned the day to night. We were originally going to camp along White Pass, located on the lower slopes of Mount Rainier. Had we stuck with the original plan, we would have been about 100 miles from the volcano instead of 300, and most likely would have been trapped there on the slopes of Mount Rainier for about 5 days! I still love being outdoors and kayaking as well as quilting and playing games!

I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in materials science and engineering with a minor in math from Washington State University. After spending the majority of my career in the industry, I realized I wanted something different so I started working in schools. Most recently, I worked as an applied technical specialist where I provided math and technical subject support to students and staff. This motivated me to earn my teaching certification from Schoolcraft College since I knew I wanted to work with students in the classroom. 

Taking this position is the culmination of many years of planning and implementation as I transitioned from industry to education. I look forward to meeting the families at LCA!