Staff Spotlight: Cindi Hartmann

Staff Spotlight - Cindi Hartmann

Cindi Hartmann plays a vital role in Livingston Classical Academy’s daily success. This is her first year at LCA, but she came with over 15 years of school office management and compliance reporting experience! 

Her title is office manager and her work plays a huge role in achieving Livingston Classical Academy’s goals and establishing its culture. You can always find her with a smile, greeting students as they enter into the building and sending the kids out for dismissal with a smile and encouragement for another great day! 

Behind the scenes, she is completing tasks that contribute toward an environment where the wonder and joy of learning are contagious. She is the person who makes sure all the details are completed so that the school community thrives. She works side-by-side with Lisa Gillon, principal at LCA, and together they tackle everything that comes along. 

Dig deeper into Ms. Hartmann’s responsibilities and drive for student success through her interview below. 

What does an office staff job look like at Livingston? 

As the office manager at Livingston Classical Academy, my main responsibilities are to support our stakeholders: students, families and staff.  I am also responsible for managing our student information system, purchasing, state reporting and bookkeeping. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

No days are typical in a school office. Here is a list of some of the things that I get to do throughout the year:

  1. Greet the students as they arrive
  2. Answer questions for parents who stop in
  3. Process attendance
  4. Unjam copiers
  5. Help kids phone home for forgotten lunches
  6. Welcome and tour new families
  7. Gather data for compliance reporting
  8. Schedule school events
  9. Pass out ice packs, band-aids and hugs
  10. Offer kleenex to someone who’s had sad news
  11. Write about the numerous school accomplishments for social media and newsletters
  12. Collaborate with our principal and Choice Schools to strategize procedures and policies 
  13. Send the kids out for dismissal with a smile and encouragement for another great day! 

Are there other office staff at Livingston? What are the various titles and how are the responsibilities divided up?

We are extremely fortunate to have Mrs. Julia Kautz as our school secretary. Besides being a mom to three of our students, Mrs. Kautz brings her calm, professional demeanor to complement our team.

Under Mrs. Gillon’s direction, our staff comes together to do what it takes to get the work done. A school office is tasked with supporting the teachers and staff. At LCA the reverse is also true – our teachers and staff check-in at the office and cover the desk to allow us time to accomplish tasks that require us to step out of the office. Without this amazing teamwork, it would be very difficult and far less enjoyable to get the job done.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

I love meeting the students and their families! I love learning about what drives their decision to be a part of the LCA family. Hearing the many success stories and accomplishments that have been achieved because these families have committed to working with a school that is still young. Especially considering that it will have its first graduating class next year! The passion for a classical education brings families from down the street and many miles away. These families are teaching me about the positive impact of receiving a classical education!

What is the biggest challenge

Finding enough time to get it all done. Prioritizing and re-shuffling are constants in a school office.

Give me an example of how you have contributed to a student having success at Livingston

One of our new students came to us with a very difficult experience at her previous school. She felt like she had no friends and no adults who would listen to her or help her. Her mom shared that she was worried about her daughters’ well being when we first met.  Working with the principal and the teacher I know that we have already made a difference in this girl’s school experience. She LOVES school and has easily made friends with her classmates. Seeing the smile on her mom’s face and hearing about the joy in this little girl fills my heart and gives me the fuel to continue doing what I do.