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Teachers Turned Scholars This February at Livingston Classical Academy

Teachers Become Scholars this February at Livingston Classical Academy

At Livingston Classical Academy, we celebrated a very special day in which our teachers became the scholars for a day. Students instructed teachers with lessons on: phonics, writing skills, fables, European History and finally Latin Grammar. Our students and staff took a lot away from this unique learning experience, with the most important thing that we learned being: Our staff are the best and we are so thankful for what they do everyday to ensure our school community functions smoothly!

Livingston Classical Academy teacher sits at a desk and takes notes on a class being presented by a Livingston student.    Livingston student aligns sticky-notes on the whiteboard as teachers sit at desks to discuss the historical crossing of the Delaware River through art   
Livingston Classical Academy student teaches Latin grammar to instructors for a day in which students and teachers switch roles in the classroom!