For our first year competing at WESO (Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad), Livingston Classical Academy sent nine 5th grade scientists to compete in 8 of the available events.  This is the largest elementary science Olympiad in the country, with well over 30 elementary schools represented.  The Olympiad is open to grades second through 5th, with approximately 15 events at each grade level.  Our fifth graders participated in the Mystery Architecture, Potions, Circuit Wizardry, I-Compute!, Hang Time, On Target, Back to Nature: Geology Rocks, and Gene-ious events.  The competition was very tough.  Each event consisted of either a written exam, hands-on science, or a combination of both.  We received an honorable mention 7th place for Potions and Mystery Architecture.  Our On Target team took first place with the only “bulls eye” of the evening for getting their straw rocket squarely on the target.  While teams were not at their events, the WESO team put together hands-on science activities, a raffle, and plenty of food concessions options.  The evening ended with the awards ceremony, in which Livingston Classical Academy was well represented by the hard work and talents of our 5th graders.  Next year, let’s send scientists at all the elementary grade levels!

-Mrs. Szilagyi