Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Hannah Moeggenberg

Teacher Spotlight: Hannah Moeggenberg, First Grade Teacher

Hannah Moeggenberg

Meet Ms. Hannah Moeggenberg. She is our first-grade teacher at Livingston Classical Academy. Her classical training runs deep as she has spent every single day of her education in Hillsdale, Michigan. She is eager to start a new journey at Livingston and we can’t wait to see how she pours into our students.

Who inspired you or why did you choose to become a teacher?
When I was seven years old, my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Brown at Hillsdale Academy, inspired me to want to become a teacher. 

Looking back I always loved school and “playing school.” My best friend and I made a classroom in the basement of my house during our elementary school years and spent all of our free time talking to imaginary students and making worksheets that we would then fill out and grade ourselves. 

It may be funny to some, but my Christmas and birthday gifts for years consisted of expo markers, chalk and other various school supplies. Going into college, there was still no doubt in my mind that I wanted to focus on any other career path. I am so excited to finally have a “real” classroom of my own.

What is your favorite part of teaching?
I have two favorite parts of teaching. The first is the planning process. I love to plan and get creative with learning strategies. The other part that I love is witnessing growth in my students both cognitively and morally.

What was your journey to obtain your college degree? What school did you attend?
I have spent every year of education, from preschool through my college degree, on Hillsdale College’s campus. I attended Hillsdale Academy and then went on to attend Hillsdale College. I majored in Psychology and minored in Early Childhood Education. I volunteered at various preschools throughout college and student-taught my senior year at Williams Elementary in Jonesville, Michigan in a second-grade classroom. I also did an internship with the elementary school counselor at Williams Elementary.

What do you do outside of the classroom? What are your hobbies?
I absolutely love being outside. I enjoy hiking, walking my (new) puppy and running.