Parent Testimonials

Here are just a few comments from our parents:

“My older children, now graduated from high school, think my first grader is a genius because of the things he has learned and ‘taught’ them from LCA.”

The teachers have impressed me so much with how they are not only teaching the lesson, but also teaching my son organization and how to take notes.   I  look in his binder each night and I am astonished at what he has written.”

“Every day there is something new to love about this place. I know I am gushing but this school has far EXCEEDED my expectations.”

“I love that Livingston Classical Academy brings learning to life.  Instead of just studying the heart, my 6th grader dissected a heart, and instead of just learning about opera, she got to experience one live at school.”

 I love that our sons’ planners contain exactly what they learned in each subject that day in addition to homework assignments and upcoming tests.    We love that we are being informed daily of what he is being taught.   This not only keeps me informed, but also allows us to ask specific questions about his day and what our sons have learned.”

We are so thankful for a school like LCA.  I love the structure and challenge of it all.”

“I really appreciate that the school is built on core values. Not only are these values taught to the students, but they are used daily to explain why certain behaviors are or are not acceptable.”

“I love how Livingston Classical Academy incorporates public speaking.”

“I love that the students are all facing their teacher and learning directly from him/her (and not from their peers).”  I was the product of group work in school, and although I got good grades, I feel as though I was cheated out of knowledge.”

“Since starting school at LCA,  our daughter is talkative when she gets home each night and is just more pleasant to be around.  We love it here.

“I have been amazed by many of the things that my children have not only been exposed to, but actually taken an interest in, because of LCA.”