Say hello to Mrs. Sarah Hunt, our music teacher. Mrs. Hunt believes a classical music classroom is where music becomes the applied study of all subject areas. Students will feel, move, listen, sing and play in the classroom. 

Read her interview below. 

Who were some of the most influential teachers you had growing up? What made them so impactful?

Growing up, I had many teachers that were impactful on me in one way or another.  Looking back now, I can see that the teachers that stuck with me the most were not always the most fun, but they were the teachers that demanded excellence from themselves and their students.  I enjoyed learning from teachers that were experts in their field and made me love a subject because they loved it first! These teachers drew me to the teaching profession and continue to inspire me today!

What drew you to classical education? What about it makes you want to teach in a classical education setting? 

I was first drawn to a classical education for my children, who all attend here. I wanted them to learn in a space where teachers held information at a high value, demanded excellence of their students and inspired life-long learning through a curriculum that focused on the tested, true and beautiful. I hope to continue that in the music classroom. 

I am drawn to the classical music classroom where music becomes the applied study of all subject areas.  I have been reading a lot from Dr. Carol Reynolds and she speaks to my heart about how music teachers have the great privilege to develop students to have discernment when they hear music out in the world. It is important that they can test for themselves what is beautiful musically and “desire to drench their souls in it!” 

What techniques do you use that students really gravitate toward? 

My music classroom is a place of busy activity.  The best way to learn music is to experience music.  We will feel, move, listen, sing and play. Students will be surrounded by the joy of music every day!

What was your journey to obtain your college degree? What school did you attend?

I earned my Bachelor’s in Music Education (BME) from Calvin College University.

Where did you teach previously and for how long? 

After college, I taught at Lansing Christian Schools before starting a family.  I currently also hold positions as Director for the Livingston County Youth Choir, Assistant Director for the Livingston County Women’s Chorus and am Co-Founding Director of Livingston County Christian Musicians, an organization that works to support the sacred arts in our community.

What do you do outside of the classroom? What are your hobbies? 

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy listening to music and attending conferences and concerts.  My greatest joy is spending time with my family; my husband Kyle and our four children Thomas, Piper, Calvin, and Annie.