Channels of Communication at Livingston Classical Academy

As we embark on the new school year, we are committed to open and honest communication. It is extremely important at Livingston Classical Academy that we are communicating most effectively to our families. To ensure that we do this, we have created a communication flow so that you know who to turn to with your questions or comments.

First, go to your child’s teacher.

In most situations, teachers will know first hand about classroom, academic and social situations. Teachers are accessible via email or by scheduling a time to meet. Please share your concern with the teacher(s) and allow them time to gather information and formulate a response. If the matter is urgent, please express that in your email. With continued open communication teachers and parents will develop a supportive relationship that allows the student to become successful.

When necessary, reach out to Mrs. Lisa Gillon, LCA Principal.

As the Principal, Mrs. Gillon’s role is to support all stakeholders in moving forward the mission and vision of LCA. She can best support unresolved classroom concerns by working with teachers and parents jointly to find a resolution that aligns with our core virtues. Mrs. Gillon is available by appointment. Please contact the office manager, Mrs. Hartmann to schedule a call or meeting.

On rare occasions, our Superintendent, Mr. Kurt Naber may offer guidance.

Mr. Naber provides leadership, direction and support to Mrs. Gillon and is the primary contact between our school board and our management company, Choice Schools Associates. Mr. Naber is best reached via email.

The communications “chain of command” is the following:

  1. Teacher
  2. School Leader, Mrs. Lisa Gillon
  3. Choice Schools Superintendent, Mr. Kurt Naber
  4. Academy Board President, Mr. Steve Reagan

To resolve issues:

First call: Follow-up calls can be made to:
Teacher Building Principal
Transportation/Operations Building Principal
Principal Superintendent
Athletic Issue Athletic Director
Athletic Director High School Principal
Superintendent Board of Education

Below are some examples of discussion points:

Classroom Teacher School Leader Office Staff
Child’s Progress School Policy Absence Calls
Classroom Activities Parent Education Student Records
Classroom Assistance Academic Policy Registration
Class Procedures Admissions
Daily Scheduling Donations
Field Trips Facilities
Legal Matters