An LCA Odyssey with Blue Dog!

No one can quarantine your imagination! Join Blue Dog and your LCA friends for an unforgettable odyssey around the world! We’ll chase Blue Dog to some awesome places (geography), stay in unique hotels (architecture), sample authentic food (science), observe incredible art (art), listen to some of the world’s best music (music), and meet highly influential people (history/literature). Are you ready? Let’s go! Here’s the transportation plan: Ms. Michalak’s coordinating this for us, but YOU are providing the energy! Your walking, jump roping, bicycling, running and trampoline bouncing all earn steps for the school. We are even going to give credit for your parents’ exercise, so make sure you exercise together. When we tally up enough steps we’ll arrive at a new location. For our first destination every minute of exercise equals 100 steps. If you do 40 minutes of physical activity a day you will earn 4,000 steps for our LCA odyssey. Do this for five days a week and you have earned 20,000 steps. It will take us all working together, but I know we can do it. You will be able to record your steps and track our progress from our website Our first stop? Blue Dog’s hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Get ready for an exciting learning adventure. Assuming you’ll have provided us enough energy to get there, Mrs. Brose, Mrs. Hunt and Ms. Michalak will meet us at the visitor center. Here we’ll have time to rest after our long journey and visit the local attractions and learn valuable information associated with our fabulous destination. Then you will be notified by Mrs. Hunt, Ms. Michalak and Mrs. Brose to join them on their live Zoom meetings. Mrs Hunt will teach us about music, Mrs. Brose will teach us about art and Ms. Michalak will keep us in shape. But don’t worry if you cannot make the live presentation, the recorded videos will be added to to be viewed at your convenience. Our plan is to allow your family to adjust to your new Distance Learning plan and so begin our journey together Monday, April 20th.

CLICK HERE to access the LCA Odyssey Website

Additional ways to meet learning objectives for LCA’s special electives…


Please listen for 20 minutes to each of the suggested genres of music using whatever platform you prefer and log your minutes to Mrs. Hunt at by Sunday of each week: Jazz (Wynton Marsalis), Mariachi Music, Chopin, Bach, Nikolain Rimsky – Korsakov, The Carter Family.


Keep an art journal using available paper and medium (pencils, pens, markers, etc.) guided by the following prompts: Journey, Travel, Courtesy, Isolation, Community, Gratitude, Perseverance. Each week you can upload a picture of your journal entry and email to by Sunday of each week.

Physical Education:

In order to meet physical education goals during this time, students must be physically active for at least 60 minutes each day. Keep track in a physical activity log to record your activity time. Remember, activity time doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can add up your total activity throughout the day to equal 60 minutes. Turn in your weekly log to Ms. Michalak at by Sunday of each week.